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About Wargrum

The future

NFT's To The Digital Tabletop

Each NFT unlocks a playable piece which is used in war against opponents the world over.

Each NFT represents one piece, so a 10 man unit would require 10 copies of that unit’s NFT’s to be playable.

The game system will check your wallet for the NFT’s you own and enable you to create a battle list using your unlocked pieces based on a point system. Each piece contains their own special attributes, spells, skills, abilities and weapons to use in combat against your opponent. 

Winning matches against other players will earn you tokens that can be used to purchase rare pieces or even replace your 2D pieces with 3D modeled versions in the future.

There will ultimately be 100’s of NFTs/Pieces to collect over many factions with their own specialties to help you create the most competitive list on the battlefield.

What we do

Blockchain Based Gaming shouldn't feel like a job, it should be an adventure.

Jason Appleton



War on the Cardano Blockchain

huge honor


Rewarding tournament play is planned to be a rewarding and challenging global effort that consists of a ranking system updated in real time. Towards the end of each year, we plan to host a ladder tournament among the top 20 ranked players with a 1st, 2d and 3rd place prize package awarded.

Website Launch, Initial NFT Collection for 5 Factions Pre-Order

We aim to launch an initial pre-order NFT list to begin collecting along with allowing Beta access to holders to begin helping find bugs while playing low point games.

Active Beta Testing Of Playables While Unlocking New Pieces

2024 will be a big year as we continue unlocking playable pieces associated with the pre-ordered NFTs. 3D versions of playable pieces are also planned to replace 2D pieces either as purchased or earned through in game accomplishments.