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Wargrum is a Digital Tabletop Wargame inspired by games like Warhammer 40k or Warmachine/Hordes and works with a system of NFT’s on the Cardano Blockchain which unlock playable pieces in a 3D environment, each with their own skills, weapons, spells, attributes and abilities. These pieces will be combined into a competitive army based on a point based system.

Wargrum is being developed using the Unity 3D engine. NFT art is created using Midjourney AI and Photoshop. The NFT system and Game Systems will utilize the Cardano Blockchain.

Initially there will be approx 30 NFT’s available for each of the 5 Factions with additional NFT’s launching over time. These NFT’s will unlock playable pieces within the game and list building features on a release schedule as each piece and their associated skills and abilities have been developed gameside.

Games will be based on a point system with 75pts being the standard. A unit of multiple pieces may cost 12 points against your total, but you will need 1 NFT for each of the pieces in your unit. Most units require 6 to 10 pieces.  A solo piece will only require 1 NFT, and so on. Generally speaking however, many players will aim to complete owning full sets of each NFT and or unit to expand their options for competitive list building.

Yes, that is part of the beauty of an NFT based game. Wargrum will be integrated into the Social Media platform which will contain an NFT marketplace though it will be possible to buy/sell Wargrum NFT’s on any Cardano based marketplace. Make sure you’re checking the Policy ID of officially minted NFTs however, or they wont work with the game.

Wargrum is certainly not a scam at all and has been in development since 2021, however, as with anything in crypto, anything is possible and there are never any guarantees. Building a game like this is expensive and time consuming and Pre-Orders while great for collectors of NFT’s also bring some risk in that the playable pieces may never be released. I know, you’re thinking, “WTH!” While not likely, its possible. The systems associated with a game of this magnitude are numerous and never been done before. Therefore, its impossible to say anything with any certainty. Know that this isn’t a cash grab or a ploy to make a quick buck. This is an concentrated passion project with a desire to build a game that lasts for decades, one step at a time.

Each NFT will be priced differently according to several metrics including size on the board and need for multiples, etc. We are also only planning on launching a limited number of each NFT as well. Initial Pre-Order NFTs will likely cost between 10-50 ADA depending on ADA price at the time of release.

Players will be able to earn BLOK tokens which can be used for a variety of services on the platform as wella s buying Limited Edition NFT’s and even Environment NFT pieces which will change the environments you compete in.

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