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How does WarGrum Work?

A miniatures tabletop wargame is a game of strategy on multiple levels. Below I will explain the process by which a player will be able to join the Great War and strive for dominance.

#1. NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) The NFT’s associated with Wargrum are ownership tokens that enable you to purchase and own a particular model. These are transferable to others freely instantly anywhere in the world. You can collect them all or just collect the ones that fill a specific role within your competitive army list.

These NFT’s unlock the playability of the model they represent in the competitive game environments. Each of the playable pieces have their own special skills, abilities, attributes and spells and each piece has a point amount relative to it.

#2. Point System Wargrum is a competitive multiplayer strategy game that is played based on predefine points per army. This means that players may engage in a 35pt, 50pt or 75pt game. So if players wish to engage in a 35pt game, they will create an army that the combined pts of the models within that army do not exceed 35pts.

#3. Turn Based Wargrum is a turn based strategy whereby players settle effects, move models and then attack, each turn, back and forth until a winner is declared.

#4. Balancing Due to the methods used to building Wargrum, balancing will be possible and have nothing to do with the NFT’s themselves as they merely unlock the playability of models within the game. Skills and abilities of each model are stored in a central system and not contained in the NFT’s.

#5. Win Conditions To win a war, a player must either assassinate the opponents Guardian (army leader), or accumulate enough scenario points during the war.

#6. Rewards For Play As players win a legitimate war with another player, the winners will earn tokens used to purchase other NFTs to unlock alternative pieces for models and more. There will be certain criteria needing to be met for win rewards to be issued to limit token farming.

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