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To Presell or Not Presell NFTs

Greetings ladies and gents, I am in need of advice from all of you.

I have been working with two developers out of the Ukraine to help me build my passion project which is a digital tabletop strategy game. Each model in the game will either be a solo, part of a unit of multiple models, battle bots etc under one of 5 initial factions and will be represented by an NFT on the Cardano blockchain.

The game will involve building competitive lists on a point based system and if you own the NFT’s representing the models in your list, you will be matched with other players to go to war in a high resolution 3D environment.

We have been working with various art styles for both characters and environment and due to cost and complexity of hiring 3D modelers as well as communication issues, I’ve recently begun utilizing AI systems to generate the art. I love it and the control I have with the output I’ve been getting has been mind blowing and ultimately speeding up my end of the project.

Now, my question.

I am able to create NFT’s right now, that I could make available for sale which would help fund the project to get better and more complete over less time, though I feel awkward basically issuing an NFT pre-order if you will as you never know what will happen in the market, or in development. With my devs being in the Ukraine, given whats happening there, its a concern, but also, offering an NFT pre-order means being able to pay them better for their work which to date has been amazing.

Please vote in a poll I started on Twitter and give me your advice on what you think is most appropriate.

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