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Wargrum Alpha Screenshots
Cardano based TCG Game

Build Your List and Go To War!

Wargrum is a digital trading card game that utilizes NFTs for ownership. Players will build competitive decks of 60 cards and compete for rewards. Each booster pack will contain cards of various rarity as well as resource cards used to be combined to create Legendary rare equipment to be used in their decks.


Whats In Your Collection?

the platform

Compete, Win, Earn

Wargrum is being designed to reward competitive play with tokens that can be used to purchase variants to cards within your collection while rising the ranks into truly lucrative tournament play. 

Leaderboards and player stats are planned to be displayed on this website with international tournaments with prizes and more.

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Digital Trading Card Game Now In Alpha

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The community

Do you want to be a playtester? Be the first to know what is coming? Contests? Tournaments, etc? Join our social community and get involved! AWargrum is coming...

Cardano based blockchain digital tabletop strategy game using NFTs.

NFT Minting

Coming Soon


Coming Soon

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